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Dusty Clement

Dusty Boots Clement is the owner of Clement Insurance Services and has been helping people
with their Medicare and life insurance needs since 2019. He currently practices in 15 states and
has helped hundreds of families with solving their individual needs. Dusty is currently contracted
with over 30 carriers and helps people with medigap plans, medicare advantage plans,
prescription drug plans, ancillary health plans(cancer, dental, hospital indemnity, etc.) and all
types of life insurance. He prides himself on being an educator to his clients and leaving them in
a better place than when he found them. Dusty is married to his wife Mallory and has an infant
son named Sage. In his spare time he enjoys everything to do with the outdoors including
fishing, foraging, camping, hunting, hiking, etc. He is also a foodie, loves to cook, and
thoroughly enjoys travel.

You can reach Dusty through his website at
or facebook at