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Heather Welborn

Heather Welborn is a licensed Funeral Director in the state of Idaho. She holds certifications as a Crematory Operator, Crematory Administrator, and Cremation Planner. She is also a Certified Funeral Celebrant. Heather is the owner of the funeral consulting & death education company An Informed Death which aims to bring the funeral industry closer to the community. She freely and gladly gives her free time to go out into her community to talk to her neighbors and friends about deathcare, options, and choices to make sure everyone has the chance to make an “informed” decision regarding their own deathcare for themselves and their loved ones.


Outside of the funeral industry work, Heather teaches classes at BSU in communications and is working with their graduate program to create an educational program specifically for deathcare and healthcare professionals on how to better communicate with those who are dying and grieving when they cannot speak for themselves.