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Christopher Vaughan, MD Dr. Vaughan grew up on the Oregon coast, where he learned the value of an active lifestyle. He remained in Oregon for much of his education, receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Portland and his medical degree from the Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Vaughn then completed his anesthesiology and interventional pain management fellowship at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. During this fellowship, he learned of the privilege of taking care of patients from one of his esteemed mentors. In Dr. Vaughan’s words, the experience "taught [him] the importance of the physician-patient relationship, and that the establishment of open forms of communication between patients and providers is key for providing effective chronic pain management."

Dr. Vaughan actively applies these principles to his work today. He believes transparency with patients is of utmost importance, and that providing effective treatment depends on open communication. He deeply values being able to bring cutting-edge, evidence-based interventional pain medicine into his practice, and has gone on to become a member of the of the American Board of Anesthesiology as well as the American Society of Interventional Pain.

Dr. Vaughan has always enjoyed being active. He’s looking forward to spending time in the foothills with his two golden retrievers, running, hiking and mountain biking. He also enjoys snowboarding and surfing, and is grateful for all the recreational opportunities Boise has to offer. He is excited to be near his family, who have also relocated to Boise.

What Dr. Vaughan loves most about his work is being able to improve the lives of those living with pain. He seeks to help patients understand and reduce their pain so that they may live a more fulfilling lifestyle. He understands the importance of remaining healthy and pain-free, and knows firsthand the significance of being able to keep enjoying the activities that you love the most!