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Christine Kuzma Christine Kuzma, Health and Wellbeing Director of the West YMCA. Christine has worked at the West YMCA for over 21 years and began teaching step and cardio classes over 30 years ago in Canada and Italy. In Christine's 30 years she has received certifications in Cardio Step Together, Strength Train Together, Cycle Together, TRX, CrossFit, and is an ACE personal trainer. Christine also has a degree in Sport Administration with a major in Fitness.

Christine's role does not allow her to teach many classes so currently she is teaching TRX and Cardio Step Together, but subs other formats when she can.

Wellness and Fitness is a part of Christine's life everyday and it is a pleasure to see members reach their fitness goals everyday when they come into the YMCA and as of 2020 virtually.
Christine loves working one on one with members to achieve their personal goals.
Jessica Lewis

From Jessica Lewis:

After several years as a member at the YMCA my love for group exercise motivated me to certify in High Fitness. I have since certified in Barre, Defend together, Cardio Fuse, and became a certified group fitness instructor. I love burpees, making themed playlists, and to karaoke during class. When I am not teaching group fitness you will find me chauffeuring my 6 kids around the treasure valley while drinking Diet Dr Pepper or playing pickleball with my husband.

Krista Bradley

If Krista Bradley does not have a baby on her arm, you can find her in the GYM. Her passion is fitness. She loves what it does for others mentally, emotionally and physically. When she first moved to Boise 7 years ago, she had never heard of group fitness. She attended a High Fitness class and has been hooked ever since! She loves trying all different formats. She thinks it is humbling to show up to a class you know nothing about and push through it.

She taught all through her last pregnancy and loves that it helped her understand the importance of showing options and really embracing where we are in our certain season of life. She is thankful for those that step their foot into the room every week to workout with her.