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Reham Aarti

Reham Aarti is a mosaic artist known for her bold use of color and her love of unusual textural inclusions when creating her art. She favors a less traditional style, opting for a more modern, playful look.  Rehams continues to develop her technique, while taking classes to enhance her work, and expand her mosaic palette of materials.

Reham is well known for her three-dimensional mosaiced torsos, but her architecturally integrated mosaics pieces are quickly gaining in popularity and number. Reham has completed six (and counting!) art projects for the City of Boise, wrapping up the year with the Dept Traffic Circle project. Reham is currently creating a public art piece for the Sandy Springs Playable Art Park in Georgia, as well as an installation at the Shining Mountain Elementary School in Spanaway WA.

Reham began exhibiting in 1998 at the Art Source Gallery, as well as offering a selection of her functional art in local boutiques and gift shops. From 2000-2008 she could be found at the Capital City Public Market, and various art events throughout Idaho. In Dec. 2008 Reham's torsos were featured at R. Gray Gallery, Boise's most exciting glass and jewelry space, where she continues to display the majority of her torso collection through the present time.

In 2003 Reham also established Mosaic Essential, a full service mosaic walk-in workshop and studio, after her first book "Mosaics for the first time" was published. Through the classes and mentoring programs at the studio, Reham has been able to nurture new mosaic artists in her community, teach at area schools, and assist various organizations, schools, YMCA and day care facilities to create their own pieces of art to keep, or auction for fundraisers.

In 2005 with the generous support of River Discovery's founding family, Reham/ Mosaic Essential also created a mosaic program for Idaho's leading children's hospital, St. Luke's, focusing primarily on the children's cancer ward, which has now been expanded to the area's remaining hospitals and cancer treatment facilities (St. Alphonsus / MISTI), and now includes adults and cancer survivors. 

Reham is also a founding member of The Just Us League, a not for profit organization that uses art to raise money for local groups in need. Reham also takes an active role in the community by donating art annually to We Art Women, The Bra Project, Valentines for AIDS, the Shakespeare Festival, and Ballet Idaho. 

Reham was born and raised in Kuwait, and moved to Boise Idaho as a refugee during the Gulf war. She was very fortunate to be raised in an artistic and very supportive family. Reham lives in Boise with her two sons, Shahien, and Hishom, and husband Jeremy.