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Christina Forst

One of Christina Forst's many passions is learning and sharing about the benefits of essential oils. She enjoys empowering others with knowledge that can help in their journey. Christina's associate degree is in accounting and owns a dog boarding facility in the area where we use the oils also. Christina is certified in AromaTouch Oil Application. She also has completed a course for Symphony of the Cells (SOC) oil application. She is working toward other certifications with essential oils and aromatherapy.

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Sandra Forst

Sandra Forst is an Independent Product Consultant for Doterra CPTG Essential Oils and Wellness Products. She has her MBA and BA in International Business, and taught English for two years in Japan through the JET Program (Japanese English Teaching).

Sandra has taught pre-school and was certified in an ESL online teaching course.

She is the mother of three children and over the past years has been focused on the benefits of aromatherapy and other more natural wellness approaches for her family. Certified in the Aromatouch Technique, Sandra enjoys sharing information and learning.

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Rachael Wahab Rachael Wahab  is a certified dog trainer since 2007. She was trained in Southern California, Okinawa Japan and Idaho. Rachael is a former marine and educator with three children, a husband and five fur babies. Rachael is certified in pet massage animal aromatherapy and reiki. She tends to love animals more than people, so she tries to be the best voice for animals that she can be. Learning is the best way for people to do that!