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Kari Willfahrt

Dr. Kari Willfahrt is a chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, and certified acupuncturist that has been serving the treasure valley for over a year. After graduating with a Bachelor of Human Biology from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, she completed her chiropractic training in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she expanded her learning from the basic curriculum to learn more about how to utilize brain, blood, and hormone chemistry to address some of the most mistreated chronic issues in our society.

She has a special interest in helping females balance their hormones without pharmaceutical intervention. Dr. Kari is originally from a small town in Wisconsin where she raised pigs for the county fair and enjoyed being active in various sports, especially volleyball. She is the youngest of two and her older brother is expecting his first child this summer. One of the reasons Dr. Kari is in this line of work is because she wanted to help her mother, who suffered from extremely severe menopausal symptoms find some relief that didn't involve anti-depressants like her primary care provider recommended. She is extremely passionate about helping her patients find the root cause of their symptoms and loves to help navigate their unique situations.