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Deb Barger Deb Barger manages Art Zone 208 at Cole & Ustick, next to the library. She has been making and selling her beaded jewelry for the last five years. Deb has a degree in Marketing from Boise State University. INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT 21S: Deb Barger is one of the few Boise natives still hanging around these parts. She graduated from Boise State with a degree in marketing-mid management. She has been doing art projects ever since she can remember. She built furniture for her Barbie with scrap pieces of lumber discarded from a construction project next door, learned how to sew from her grandmother, her own clothes in Junior High, and has loved sewing and quilting since then. She took a stained glass class at BSU and did several stained glass projects, many of which she still has. She also took a weaving class at BSU and developed a fascination with weaving and spinning. In 1978, she had an opportunity to buy a small macramé shop on Vista Avenue called "The Knot Hole." She eventually moved to a larger location on Vista rebranded to "Deb's Fiberworks" and sold knitting yarns, wool, weaving yarns, weaving looms, and spinning wheels. In 1991, she built a Navajo loom and took lessons from a Navajo woman to learn to weave in the authentic Navajo way. Along the way, Deb also learned to do mosaic glass and tile work and she enjoys making unique mirrors and windows with mosaic glass and tile. About 11 years ago, she took up beading, and that set her on a new pathway with beautiful beads, buttons and beadwork. She recently built a home studio with two kilns to explore her next adventure - fused glass and enameling. The journey continues! (if needed to remove) In 2014, Deb Barger opened Art Zone 208, which is a cooperative gallery of local artists that offers a wide variety of art mediums. Several of the member artists donate their time to teach classes in their mediums such as soldering, etching, painting, fiber arts, needle felting, Brazilian embroidery, and beading. We like each student that takes a class here at Art Zone 208 to leave with a finished or near-finished project and have a sense of accomplishment having learned a new art form. Deb has been volunteering with Community Education since the mid-eighties, teaching everything from macramé, off-loom weaving, weaving, knitting, and now beading. Deb gets such joy passing along knowledge to people who want to learn something new. She feels Community Education is a great asset to our community. Thank you Deb. We could not agree more! This SPRING session, Deb Barger and the volunteer instructors at Art Zone 208 will be offering a great variety of classes ranging from painting to beading to felting. Enroll early! These classes always fill up fast!