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Rob Newburn

Rob Newburn began his interest in raising animals in early childhood, and for the past 50 years has raised chickens and cattle on his ranch in the Kuna area. He is a lifetime member of the American Poultry Association, where he is known for his work with standard Columbian Wyandotte chickens.

Currently, besides the Columbian Wyandottes, Mr. Newburn is working with breeds like the Barred Plymouth Rocks, Welsummers, Barnevelders, Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Black and Blue Copper Marans and Cream Legbars.  Rob's goal is for all breeds to have benefited from his efforts with an increase in their populations, egg production and confirmation to APA standards, in order to help keep them off the threatened list of American poultry. He has also won numerous awards showing his chickens.  Rob Newburn also taught vocal music in the Boise School District for 35 years and now enjoys bringing his knowledge of poultry breeding into science classes for students to learn about the basics of genetics.