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Olga Harper

Olga was born and raised in Russia where making probiotic drinks is a family tradition. Kefir was actually created in the north Caucasus Mountains in Russia. Olga has a nursing background and being health conscience, she decided to introduce kefir and kombucha fermentation to the Treasure valley.



Olga Harper was born and raised in Russia, in the former Soviet Union.  Her grandfather was a military pilot, and he met and married her grandmother right before World War II started.  Both of them had to go hand in hand through the terrible 4 years of war and they both survived! Two of their kids were born during the war, and one of them was Olga’s mother.  


Her mother was an architect, and her stepfather was an engineer.  Her grandmother, an amazing talented and creative woman was Olga’s hero.  She used to say to 14 year old Olga, “If you ever reach the top, send an elevator down to help another person”.  After she graduated from high school, with exceptional grades, Olga went to a medical college to become a nurse practitioner.  She has a diverse medical background, and over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of nursing in Russia and the Ukraine.  She worked in children’s and adult hospitals, in physical therapy and EKG departments.  She was also a school nurse and taught medical education to high school students. She was a nurse practitioner for the Ukrainian military system.


After moving to the United Stated in 2000, she has been working mostly in the medical field. She has experience working at hospitals, Doctor's offices, and with the geriatric population during which she gained interpersonal and customer service skills. She also graduated from the CWI pharmacy technician program in 2012. 


Her life has been all about changes… mind, body, heart and soul.  Not all of those challenges left her without scars. But life has so many positive experiences!  She is a widow; she has one son and 3 grandchildren. She has so many interests and hobbies. 

Check some of her creations on  She’s very creative and passionate about helping people.


She has also participated in the Western Idaho Fair, and brought home quite a few first place awards ("Best of show", "Go Green!" and "Best of Division" in Home Art, Culinary Art and Photography).  She teaches Russian language to kids at the local church.


Being health conscious, one of her passions is spreading the word about health benefits of probiotic drinks. She has been drinking it her whole life, and has clear memories of how her mother and grandmother made it.  Kefir was actually created in the north Caucasus Mountains in Russia.  To keep her family tradition alive, she makes incredible probiotic drinks and products that she likes to share with people.   In her class, she likes to say “let’s restore Idaho with one probiotic at a time!”  


Someone once said “by getting clear about what you want, you give yourself permission to attract it” so Olga is not an exception.  She has a dream...  She wants to live in a place with clean water and pure air, with absolutely

breathtaking sunset over the oceanwhere food will swim under her feet, and she can raise her Kefir grains in coconut water from her backyard; a place where she can have solitude, where she can continue working on all her endless creations; where she can write a book. She will name it Pain and Pleasure. After all, that is what all life is about!