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Andy Lanning Andy Lanning has 20+ years experience in computer usage, including 18 years instructing at a local college. She's strictly a laptop owner; her tools includes 2 PCs and one amazing Mac. Andy enjoys teaching people how to use computers, especially Excel and e-mail.

If you just need the basics or you're a professional and need advanced tips for productivity, she's eager to assist you. Learn more about Andy and see some tools she's created to help you at

Instructor Spotlight - Winter 2014:

Ask Andy Lanning how long she's been teaching Community Education classes and she may have to think about it a while before she answers. That's because when you're a passionate instructor like Andy, time flies when you are having fun! And what fun she's had over the eight years she's been serving as one of our most popular instructors. Andy describes herself as a "self-taught computer nerd" but she's much more than that. Since 2005, she's taught nearly 30 Community Education classes, including a wide variety of computer classes - intro to computers, basic MS Office programs, and when social media took hold she jumped right in and offered classes on FaceBook and Twitter. She also recalls teaching a kid's craft class a couple of times, too!

"I just love teaching with Community Education," said Andy. "It allows me to not only connect with the community, but also to share my knowledge and help students become comfortable in the ever-changing world of technology."

Andy has been training individuals and groups in the Treasure Valley since 1996. She is an adjunct faculty member at College Of Western Idaho and is the owner of a computer consulting business. In addition, she is a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist and trains individuals on most Microsoft Programs. With 20+ years experience in the computer industry, Andy focuses every class on using software to solve common workflow issues.

Be prepared to learn more than you bargained for in her class. Andy teaches the 4 Super Secrets to computers and believes firmly in efficiency training. "My goal is to lower frustration and raise productivity," said Andy. "And have some laughs along the way!"

Andy is set to teach four Community Ed classes this winter: Essential Computer Skills; Microsoft Word 2010; Beginning; Microsoft Excel 2010: Beginning; and Essential Computer Skills. If you are interested in enrolling you'd better hurry, because if history is any indication, Andy's classes will fill quickly! Thank you, Andy, for supporting Community Education - Boise's Choice for Life-Long Learning!