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Jack Floegel Jack Floegel has worked in the Electronics Industry for most of his career in the area of photographic imaging. Most recently he worked for Hewlett Packard. He is currently working as a professional photographer at his company, JackZ Photography.

Jack is one of the founding members of the Camera Club of Eagle and the HP Camera Club. Photography has been a passionate hobby for Jack from the time he was in high school and has become an obsession in this digital age. You can see his work on Flickr and Facebook and at


Photography has enabled this 'type-a' personality to stop and smell the roses-or at least slow down long enough to photograph them. Jack Floegel's love of photography began early in his career in the manufacturing sector, at the time he was one of only 15 employees at a start-up company in Beverly Hills, CA, and through hands-on experience he learned all aspects of the art and science of photography.

"For me, it is the perfect combination of a hobby that requires my technical attention and also taps into the creative side of the brain," Jack said. "Trying to capture a photograph that is technically correct and, at the same time, is a compelling image is a challenge that never becomes old.

In 1998, the California native took a position with Hewlett Packard in Boise and says he and his wife knew they had found home. "Boise had the outdoors, scenery and environment we had been looking for all of our lives." His only regret? Not moving here sooner!

With changing technology, Jack retired his beloved 35mm film camera and embraced the digital age. "Suddenly the film was free!" he said. "I went nuts and began to shoot on a regular basis-going wherever the camera led me. Idaho is full of interesting places and people and I try to capture as much of it as possible."

Digital photography has brought many people to the art. Jack noticed a big change at the Western Idaho Fair. "With digital photography the improvement comes so fast, it is not surprising that the photography section has almost outgrown its space. The number of contributors has increased 10-15% every year since digital photography came onto the scene."

The growing interest in digital photography has made it one of Community Education's most sought after classes and Jack a very popular instructor. His students learn about their camera's capabilities, how to compose the best shots, and get hands-on shooting experiences, too.

"Almost every student has an "ah ha" moment at some point in my class. The moment where the new concept sinks in, and they turn that new idea into an exceptional photograph," said Jack.

"I believe that you never really understand a subject until you try to teach it to someone else. Teaching photography with Community Ed is never dull, whether the class is Beginning or Advanced," Jack said. "The questions are always fresh and the enthusiasm for photography is genuine. When I really dig in trying to answer someone's question, I always learn something myself."

Jack has enjoyed connecting with other local photographers. He co-founded the HP Camera Club and the Eagle Camera Club. Since his retirement from HP he has started his own business, JackZ Photography. He says that since he is not seeking to make a living from photography, he is able to give back to the community. "I enjoy supporting Community Education and several local charitable organizations. I have a soft spot for animals and work a lot with the Idaho Humane Society and the Canyon County Animal Shelter."

Creativity is a strong trait in the Floegel family. Jack's wife Sharon is an interior designer, his son Richard graduated from USC Film School and currently works in the film industry in Los Angeles as a technical expert and his daughter Suzanne is a training leader at Microsoft in Seattle. His four grandchildren-all of whom also show a love of creativity-are not in love with photography. That's probably because they have had their picture taken a little too often, "I can tell when they have all had enough of grandpa and his camera, they stick out their tongues when I try to take their picture - just one more time."