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Marie Wallace

Marie Lukasik-Wallace is an Author, Speaker, Teacher and Poetry Facilitator who enjoys sharing the healing powers of poetry and writing. Marie’s gift is viewing the world through the eyes of others. Fifteen years of experience teaching writing and poetry in kindergarten and 1st grade provides her glimpses into their untainted view of the world. Speaking and teaching at writing conferences, allows Marie to share these gifts with fellow writers. As a lover of poetry, Marie has been using its magical powers in teaching and writing to heal all her life with her father, husband and children and various age groups, from 4-84 years of age.

More recently, Marie’s collaboration with her father on understanding Alcoholism and Alzheimer’s has provided focus for her poetry and her latest book project. Marie has three beautiful daughters and two grandchildren and lives in Meridian with the love of her life, Joe.

You can visit her website:

Joe Wallace Joe Wallace is a happily married man with an amazing wife. His working career started as a hardware technician at Hewlett Packard, then going to school to be a software engineer, moving into managing people. Joe has learned that everyone wants to do their best and wants to be well thought of. He sets a vision, creates positive support cultures and lets people excel. The same is true to your own relationships; set a vision of your happily ever after, create a culture where your loved ones can succeed and watch it come true. Joe has also co-created the Love and Romance Project, a community event to support quality relationships with his wife Marie Wallace.