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Anjel Griggs

Anjel graduated from the University of Idaho’s food preservation program with the highest grade in her class, and is a certified Master Canner. She will teach you the correct procedures to safely can your own produce at home, but better yet, she’ll teach you how to do this so beautifully that you can then give these yummy foods as gifts.

Anjel has won many ribbons at the Western Idaho Fair for her presentation, preservation, and preparation of jams and jellies, pickles, salsa, jerky, dried fruits, cakes, sourdough breads, and various other goodies. She also makes fresh and aged cheeses, yogurt and other milk products, herb vinegars and dandelion wines, and exquisite candies and fudges, as well as herbal teas and lotions, bath salts and soaps, home-made candles, hand-made baskets, and other basic skills of contriving.

In her spare time, Anjel likes to turn cartwheels, do flips, and jump into the river from big rocks. Most of Anjel’s know-how comes from her grandmother, a Southern lady of immeasurable skills, and Anjel is eager to pass her knowledge on to those people who want to both feed their families well and save money by learning to do things the ‘old way’.

If you’d like a kitchen adventure, take one of Anjel’s classes. Not only will you learn a new skill, you’ll have a wonderful time!


Anjel Griggs could be described as somewhat of a magician. Give her a handful of household products, an apron, a pot or two, and stand back as she whips up a batch of homemade mozzarella cheese, beef jerky, candles, bath salts, etc. Her endless talents-and energy-are inspiring.

Anjel and her husband of 19 years (who says he couldn't be married to anyone else because they wouldn't feed him as well) have claimed Boise as their home for two decades. She grew up in Florida on the farm of her grandparents and it was her grandmother's home art skills and teaching that formed and shaped Anjel into who she is today. "We grew okra and watermelon and raised cattle and a few hogs. My paternal grandmother, a Southern lady of great ingenuity, taught me hundreds of ways to cook and preserve various foods that she grew in her garden." Anjel said. "I feel very lucky I had that unique upbringing."

Anjel graduated from the University of Idaho's food preservation program with the highest grade in her class and became a certified Master Canner. Even though she has been creating culinary masterpieces for years, she says she learns a lot from her unsuccessful attempts too. "Never be afraid to fail: failure is sometimes more instructive than success! I've never mastered any recipe, bread-making, canning, drying, cheesemaking, candy-making, or any preservation technique until I've ruined a batch," Anjel said. "What's nice about failure in the culinary arts is that while your creations might not be pretty, they usually still taste great!"

You will definitely want to be a neighbor, friend, or somehow find your way onto her gift-giving list. Anjel gives many of her delectable homemade gifts away. "My basic sweet combination consists of a mini loaf of sourdough bread, an 8-ounce jar of jelly, an 8-ounce jar of a different type of jam, an 8-ounce jar of preserves or ambrosia, and a mini sour cream pound cake. My basic salt combination consists of a jar of mild red salsa, a jar of sweet peach salsa, a jar of some type of pickles (might be gherkins, green beans, asparagus, okra, et al) and some type of relish or chutney." Anjel continued, "I love to give away huge baskets that include full-size loaves of bread, ten jars of canned foods, several cakes, a dozen types of cookies, various dried fruits, three kinds of candy, and beef jerky. Sometimes the baskets of food are as big as I am!"

She does many things outside the kitchen which she claims helps her relax such as working out, practicing martial arts, horseback riding, greenbelt bike-riding, all-day mountain hiking, and long-distance swimming, preferably in a river, not a pool. She previously worked as a professional photographer but now takes pictures just for fun. "I love to travel; New York is my favorite place to visit and I hope to go there again this year. I love to road-trip to anywhere; where I go is not important, only having fun on the road is."

A self-described bookworm, Anjel is currently attempting to publish her first novel, she has been writing daily for fourteen years. If the above list of whirlwind activities sound not-so-relaxing to you, you're not alone, Anjel says her best friend in high school once said that Anjel had only two speeds: full throttle and dead asleep.

We could not agree more.

You can take many culinary classes from Anjel this session, but register early! Her classes fill quickly. Come hungry and be prepared for hands-on learning fun in the kitchen. We are delighted that this amazing, talented lady is willing to share her talents with the community through our program.