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Dates:April 17 - May 16, 2024
Meets:W and Th from 6 PM to 8 PM, 5 sessions
Location:Timberline High School
Instructor:Ada County Coroner's Office
Fee: $75.00  Fee Breakdown

CLASS STARTS ON WED, 4/17 ALL OTHER CLASSES ON THURS NIGHTS. The first class will conclude at 8:30PM. NOTE: Actual crime scene photos will be displayed. Graphic images may not be suitable for all audiences. Ages 18+ NO EXCEPTIONS! Last class (5/16) will be held at Ada County Coroner’s Office - 5550 W Morris Hill Rd. Boise 83706 - off of Curtis Rd between Franklin and Emerald. Phone: 208 287-5556

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Course Description



Join forensic pathologists, technicians and investigators to learn about the fascinating world of forensic science.

You will learn the many roles and responsibilities of a ME/Coroner’s Office including:

·         Determining cause and manner of death

·         Forensic examination of the body and clothing

·         Examining postmortem wounds & injuries

·         Examining skeletal remains

·         Multiagency collaboration and evidence collection

4/17/24  (THIS CLASS ENDS AT 8:30)

Role of the ME/Coroner 

Death Scene Investigation 

Case Studies 

Q & A


Death Scene Investigation cont'd


Forensic Autopsy 




Coroner Riffle and local trends / TOUR OF FACILITY

Ada County Coroner’s Office - 5550 W Morris Hill Rd. Boise 83706 - off Curtis Rd between Franklin and Emerald. Phone: 208 287-5556

Explore the fascinating world of death investigation and forensic pathology.  Study interesting crime scenes and puzzling pathologies.  Crime scene photos will be examined; graphic images will be shown.  There will be hands-on forensic activities.

No photographs or video permitted.  Age 18+ NO EXCEPTIONS! 

The Ada County Coroner’s Office employs three (3) full-time Board-Certified Forensic Pathologists. The role of the Forensic Pathologist is to determine cause and manner of death. The Ada County Coroner’s Office Forensic Pathologists are highly trained medical doctors who are board certified in Clinical, Anatomical and Forensic Pathology.  Dr. Warren and Dr. Di Loreto are also board certified in Neuropathology. They are responsible for examining the human body in order to determine the cause of all violent, sudden, accidental, traumatic and unattended deaths as outlined in the Idaho statutes.

The Forensics Division consists of six (6) full time forensic specialists. This includes one (1) Forensic Supervisor, four (4) Forensics Technicians, and one (1) Forensic Coordinator. The role of the Forensic Division is multi-faceted. They are subject matter experts that specialize in processing forensic autopsies and forensic lab procedures. In addition, the Forensic Division is responsible for forensic photography, specimen and evidence collection, chain of custody, forensic radiography, and working with numerous law enforcement agencies, specialized labs and funeral homes. The Forensic Division also facilitates the internship program, community outreach, educational lectures and facility tours.

The Office employs a total 11 full time Medicolegal Death Investigators (MDI).  This includes one (1) Investigative Supervisor, two (2) Senior Deputies, and nine (9) Investigators. The MDI investigates and aids in determination of cause and manner of death according to state statute; particularly unexpected and unexplained death or those without a physician in attendance. The investigator identifies forensic evidence to include collection and preservation. The MDI determines the identity of the deceased, identifies legal next of kin, and notifies them of the death. Investigators assist families in resolving concerns relating to the death. A complete death investigation can include on scene investigation, interviews, evidence collection and preservation, and various methods of documenting the case. Investigators are often called to testify in criminal and civil court.

Click on instructor links for biographies; ages 18+ NO EXCEPTIONS!