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Dates:April 18, 2024
Meets:Th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location:Hillside Junior High
Instructor:Kendy Radasky
Fee: $20.00  

If you are attending class at a Boise Schools location, a Community Ed site coordinator will be at the entrance to direct you to your classroom.

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Course Description

Have you been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes?  Are you worried about the impacts of the disease on the health of your heart, liver, and other organs?  Are you heavier than you would like to be – perhaps having been given a recommendation to lose weight, but can’t seem to find a sustainable way to keep the pounds off? 

Join Kendy to learn about the physiology of diabetes and metabolic disease, and how we can most effectively begin to reverse these patterns of illness by carefully planning the timing of our meals.  Fasting is a natural part of every human’s life: we all do it overnight when we sleep.  Gradually and mindfully increasing the fasting period can drastically improve the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel and improve organ function. 

We will discuss the various methods for intermittent fasting (there are many options), the best ways to ease into the practice and support your body, how to make fasting work with your lifestyle, and important contraindications.  You will also learn which food choices best support the practice of intermittent fasting – giving your body the strongest opportunity for ease, resilience, and healing.  Handouts with references and resources provided.

Bonus: spend less time meal planning and prepping, and less money on food!

Click on instructor link for biography; ages 18+