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Dates:March 15, 2023
Meets:W from 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Instructor:Christina O'Brien
Fee: $15.00  

Class will be held via ZOOM. Instructor will email you the meeting link and materials before class.

There are 3 openings remaining at this time.


Course Description

Class is taught via ZOOM. A meeting link will be sent by the instructor 24 hours prior to the class.

Dogs have incredible noses, and love to use them. Teach your dog a bunch of games with their noses! We'll play some easy ones and do a brief intro to the competitive sport of nose work. These are suited for old dogs, young dogs, couch potato dogs, bouncing-off-the-wall dogs, dogs with mobility issues, difficult dogs, deaf dogs, blind dogs- all dogs! Common household supplies required- see receipt and/or online description.

By doing this over Zoom, you and your dog can play along during the class, so you'll need some supplies on hand: 

  • Toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes, 

  • hand towel (small dogs) or bath towel (big dogs), 

  • two plastic containers such as yogurt tubs, 

  • a couple of small cardboard boxes, 

  • an empty (unwashed) spice container OR an empty salt shaker, cotton ball and vanilla or peppermint oil

  • lots of yummy small (pea-sized) dog treats.

  • your dog (if you have more than one, make sure the other/s are corralled in some manner)
Prepare to have fun!

Click on instructor link for biography; Ages 18+