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Dates:February 13-27, 2023
Meets:M from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, 3 sessions
Instructor:J Thomas Pawlowski
Fee: $36.00  

Class will be taught via ZOOM. Instructor will email you the meeting code before class. NOTE: Please have writing utensils, paper and an open mind!

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Course Description

Class will be taught via ZOOM. Instructor will email you the meeting code before class.

The Baha'i Faith is the youngest of the world religions and is the object of the most frequent inquiries in our classes on World Religions and "Let's Talk About God". This class will introduce you to the basics about this wondrous new world religion, which originated in 1844, whose object is unifying all peoples and leading us to a great new world civilization, guiding us to solutions for the seemingly intractable problems of our era.

At this time in which we observe a decline in overall religious membership, increasing secularization and even a loathing of "organized religion", a brief study of the Baha'i Faith leads us to a whole new understanding of religion as a vital tool which greatly benefits humanity. Within it, we see both an insightful restatement of the eternal truths, which reside at the core of all the great world religions. We also see the emergence of vital new truths which transform our relationships with each other and which transform our institutions into trustworthy instruments that serve the needs of all humanity. We see a simple yet profound base belief underlying all: the recognition of the oneness and wholeness of all humanity, and the profound implications that change every aspect of human life. We see, rather than a mere amalgamation of the beliefs of the past jumbled together, a fascinating, logical, refreshing new infusion of true spirituality into the world, harmonizing faith and reason, harmonizing science and religion, harmonizing all the world's religions, harmonizing the aspirations of all the people of the world.