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Dates:October 4, 2023
Meets:W from 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Location:Hillside Junior High
Instructor:Kendy Radasky
Fee: $16.50  Fee Breakdown

If you are attending class at a Boise Schools location, a Community Ed site coordinator will be at the entrance to direct you to your classroom. MASKS ARE OPTIONAL IN OUR SCHOOLS.

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Course Description

The Standard American Diet is dominated by processed foods containing sugar, which has been shown to be as addictive in nature as opium. The average American consumes almost 200 pounds of added sugar per year, with most of it hidden where you would least expect it – peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, and over-the-counter medicines, for example.


Too much sugar is extremely detrimental to health; immune function declines, and diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are all either caused or exacerbated by excessive sugar intake. Lesser-known imbalances caused by dietary sugar include mineral deficiencies, depression, menstrual irregularities, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and vision problems. 

Come learn how our bodies react to and regulate sugar intake, and how a shift toward properly prepared whole foods can help you on your way to kicking the sugar habit. Discover how good you can feel when you give your body a vacation from processing the toxin that we know as sugar!

Please click on instructor link for bio; ages 18+