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Dates:September 21, 2015
Meets:M from 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Location:West Junior High
Instructor:Dr. Kaylan McKinney-Vialpando
Fee: $13.90  

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Course Description

Psychoneuroimmunology addresses the connections between the brain (mental, emotional) and physical pain or disease. The mind and the body are completely intertwined, and the evidence is clear that negative or positive thinking patterns have an impact on our physical health, both good and bad. For example, stressful thinking patterns can cause physical reactions (panic attacks, headaches, heart attacks, stomach issues, increased pain, slow healing, etc.), while focused, positively directed thought patterns can boost the immune system, promote healing, decrease pain, and in some cases, restore health.

 This class will discuss examples of this dynamic and what you can do to improve your physical health by addressing your mental and emotional reactions to a negative health condition.

Please click on instructor link for biography; ages 18+.