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Dates:October 3, 2023
Meets:Tu from 6:30 PM to 8 PM
Location:Hillside Junior High
Instructor:Gretchen Anderson
Fee: $15.00  Fee Breakdown

NOTE: Please have a pen and notebook, and your questions ready! Optional $12.99 Material fee is for Gretchen's book, "The Backyard Chicken Fight".

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Course Description

Come learn the basics of caring for chickens during the colder months in Idaho. Join Idaho's national backyard chicken advocate and educator and master gardener who has kept poultry for more than thirty years. Learn how to help keep your flock warm, avoid frost-bite and encourage egg laying in the winter. 

Listed below are just a few of the areas that will be covered during class:
- Selecting and finding the correct breed for your needs. Is it better to start with chicks or adult birds?
- Type of equipment to purchase or make.
- Care for your bird, types of feed, and preventing illnesses.
- The dos and don'ts of egg care and handling.
- Why am I not getting eggs?
- What to do for winter
- How chickens bring other good benefits to your garden.
- Composted chicken manure is high in great nutrients for soil and plants. Learn how to create compost and what kinds of plants grow well in high nutrient soil.
- The pros and cons of chickens in your garden for pest control.
Feel free to bring any questions that you might have about poultry or gardening.

Please click on instructor link for biographies; ages 10+ if accompanied by a parent.