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Robert Baxter

Robert Baxter was born in Boise and graduated from BSU, where he first studied aikido from 1967.  After receiving his teaching certificate, he taught in Seattle in the 70s, studied aikido from a master, and started the Bellevue Aikido Dojo. In 1980, he moved to Japan, and studied various arts at the world headquarters for decades.  He taught aikido at the Tokyo YMCA 1981-85.  In the late 80s he briefly returned to Boise, and taught at the BSU Aikido Club, AMAS aikido, Community Schools, and children’s aikido at childcare centers.  He also established the BSU Kendo Club and the International Cultural Exchange in Boise. 

Then he lived, studied, and taught aikido in Tokyo until 2014 when he returned to Boise.  He hopes to pass on the concepts of inner strength and harmony to children, adults, and seniors, as taught in Japan by Koichi Tohei Sensei.

John Lilly John Lilly has an AA in Law Enforcement from Bellevue CC - 1974 (Honors).  He has a BA in Criminal Justice from Seattle University - 1981 (Magna cum Laude).  He graduated 3rd highest Wa State Criminal Justice Training Academy Corrections Officer in 1989. He retired from the Shohomish County Sherrif's Office in 2017, at which time he was a Classification Counselor. He has been married for 37 years, and has no children. He has studied Aikido for about 15 years, and has assisted in Defensive Tactics classes.